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  • ECMA's 12th International Conference ECT 2019 at Pune


    12th International Conference & Exhibition - 2019


    Cleaner IC Engines for Sustainable Environment
    Innovative Emission Control Technologies

    14th and 15th November 2019 in Pune.

    ECMA are pleased to invite you as Participant at the upcoming ECT 2019 Conference and Exposition on Thursday, 14th and Friday, 15th November, 2019 in Pune. Kindly block your calendar for this momentous event!

    BS VI Emission Norms are to be implemented by 2020 and preparations are in full swing, to meet this challenge. As we prepare to roll out BS VI, it is now important to discuss and highlight areas that need special attention. In addition to vehicles, the Emissions Road Map for NRMM, CEV, Generator Sets and Stationary Engines, is also in the final stages of publication. Challenges that will need to be addressed by OEM / After-treatment Suppliers / Test Agencies and Regulators have to be identified and solutions found. We all need to come together and share as much information amongst ourselves, to be able to meet up to the expectations.

    ECT 2019 is meant specifically to address this, as well as to look beyond, to forthcoming regulations such as IRDE and World Harmonized Test Procedures, which will ensure that vehicles that come on the roads in future are Emissions Compliant in the true sense.

    This special Two Day World Automotive and Non Road Conference provides an appropriate platform and opportunity for Global and India-based Automotive and Powertrain Industry Stakeholders, Analysts and Policymakers to discuss the current issues and challenges facing Industry and the way forward in this field.

    We at the ECMA are also keen on inviting you to showcase Products / Technologies / Innovation / Services through ECT 2019 Exposition that shall be held along with the Conference.

    Who Should Attend:

    1. 1. Industry / Technical Experts from the Global Arena
    2. 2. Automotive and Powertrain OEM's and R&D Experts
    3. 3. Test Agencies / NGO's
    4. 4. Govt. / Legislative Personnel
    5. 5. Environmentalists
    6. 6. Academicians

    The overall theme for the conference this year is Cleaner IC Engines for Sustainable Environment with Innovative Emission Control Technologies

    Sessions and Subjects for discussion:

    ECT 2019 is focussed on two important aspects of Emission Control.

    1. 1. IRDE and Future Vehicular Regulations
    2. 2. Non Road, Construction Equipments and Stationary Engines after treatment.

    We shall have a Keynote address laying down the thoughts and ideas that highlight the path for RDE and Future Regulations. This will be followed by seven sessions over two days addressing requirements of

    • - Light Duty emission control
    • - Real Drive Emissions regulation formation and the International experience relevant for India
    • - Heavy Duty strategies
    • - Two-wheeler industry and the impact of BS VI
    • - Meeting Non-road emissions norms, including Generator sets.
    • - The Diesel advantage with aftertreatment

    ……………..and more

    Each Session will have Two Technical Presentations from Experts followed by an interactive Panel Discussion. The sessions will focus on delivering deep insights into the technical aspects pertaining to the session by Industry Professionals and Experts from OEM as well as Test Agencies, Engineering Service Providers and Environmentalists.

    Details, shall follow soon and will also be update from time to time on the ECMA website:

    The ECT Conference is recognised as bright and path-breaking event in the Indian emissions control arena and this year, with the regulation road-map well in sight and stakeholders already into the task of delivering results, we have moved our venue closer to the action!

    We look forward to wholehearted support and invite participation from the entire Automotive and Powertrain Community for this benchmark International Forum in Pune, India.

    Rohit Kataria
    Sudipto Basu
    Executive Director