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  • ECMA's 11th International Conference ECT 2018


    ECMA's 11th International Conference & Exhibition - 2018


    “BS VI and Real Driving Emissions
    ……Path Forward.”

    25th and 26th October 2018, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road, Pune – 411014

    We at ECMA would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and thanks to all our Chairpersons, Keynote Speakers, Panellists and Delegates of our 11th International Conference on "BS VI and Real Driving Emissions ………Path Forward (ECT 2018)" held on Thursday, 25th and Friday, 26th October, 2018 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road, Pune and making it a memorable and GRAND SUCCESS. We would like to Thank the Editor, AUTOCAR for having participated and compared the informal discussion on Fuels and Powering Options for future Mobility on the evening of 24th October and making this event, memorable. We Specially Thank our Patronage Supporters and Members who assisted us in organizing this watershed Event.

    We are sure you all had enjoyed the proceedings and sharing of knowledge and experiences, by Technocrats from the World over in the field of Pollution Control and allied subjects.

    We are pleased to inform you that we had a participation of 325+ Delegates from the Govt., NGO's, OEM's and Industry from India and around the World. The Technical Exposition with 12 Booth Stalls was a great venue for Networking with participants. This showcased the technologies and means to test and develop aftertreatment for the upcoming BS VI emission norms.

    Thanking all participants and well-wishers once again for sparing their valuable time to attend this Conference. With your support, ECMA shall be expanding our activities to other automotive hubs, as we plan to commence with various activities to promote a smooth rollout of norms towards making of a Cleaner and Greener India!

    ECT 2018

    ECT 2018’s presentations are given below with their presenter name

    Inaugural Session

    1. 1. Mr. Dirk Bosteels (AECC)
    2. 2. Dr. S. S. V. Ramakumar (IOCL)

    Session 1: Light Duty (Petrol/Diesel/CNG) Aftertreatment technologies

    Chairperson: Dr. R. Urdhwareshe (ARAI)


    1. 1. Dr. Rasto Brezny (MECA)
    2. 2. Mr. Takayuki Ogata (NGK)
    3. 3. Dr. Michael Tschantz (Ingevity)
    4. 4. Mr. Christoph Menne (HJS) & Mr. Sumit Arora (FEV)

    Session 2: Two Wheeler & Small Engines - BS VI Challenges

    Chairperson: Mr. B. Bhanot (Consultant)


    1. 1. Dr. Stefano Di Palma & Dr. Phil Barker (Ricardo)
    2. 2. Mr. Dinesh Kumar (Sud-Chemie)
    3. 3. Mr. Harjeet Singh (Hero MotoCorp)


    1. 1. Dr. S. Kaleemuddin (Greaves)

    Session 3: Diesel Advantage (Fossil Fueled with aftertreatment)

    Chairperson: Dr. Anjan Ray (Dir. IIP)


    1. 1. Mr. Dirk Bosteels (AECC)
    2. 2. Dr. Christian Teich (BOSCH)
    3. 3. Mr. Senthur Pandian (M&M)


    1. 1. Mr. N. V. Marathe (ARAI)
    2. 2. Dr. Mark R Firth (Cummins)
    3. 3. Dr R K Malhotra (FIPI)

    Session 4: Technologies & Solutions for upcoming Off Highway Emission Regulations

    Chairperson: Mr. S. R. Marathe (Advisor)


    1. 1. Dr. Rasto Brezny (MECA)
    2. 2. Dr. Alain Ristori (Umicore)
    3. 3. Mr. Naresh Phansalkar (Tenneco)


    1. 1. Mr. Anupam Dave ( JCB )
    2. 2. Mr. C. B. Remesan (TAFE)
    3. 3. Mr. Ramesh Pasarija (SAE)

    Conference Day 2 - Friday, 26th October 2018

    • Special Keynote Presentation: BS VI (Euro 6) and CO2 Reduction the - European Perspective by Dr Manfred Schuckert (Daimler)

    Session 5: Real Drive Emissions

    Chairperson: Mr. K. K. Gandhi (SIAM)


    1. 1. Dr. David Browning (Johnson Matthey)
    2. 2. Mr. Gernot Graf & Mr. Manoj Kusumba (AVL)
    3. 3. Dr. Francois Jayat (Continental)


    1. 1. Mr. Vikas Sadan(ICAT)
    2. 2. Mr. K. Veeramani (Tata)

    Session 6: Heavy Duty (Diesel / CNG) Aftertreatment technologies

    Chairperson: Mr. S. Ravishankar (Exe. Advisor)


    1. 1. Mr. N A Joshi (NPL BlueSky)
    2. 2. Dr. Ashok Kumar & Ms. Sangati Seth (CES)
    3. 3. Dr. Weiyong Tang (BASF)


    1. 1. Mr. Senthil Kumar (AL)
    2. 2. Mr. P. Kumar (VECV)
    3. 3. Mr. Chandan Kardile (Tata)

    Closing Panel: Forecasting the Future - Market and Regulations


    1. 1. Mr. Raghunandan B (IHS)


    1. 1. Mr. N. V. Marathe (ARAI)
    2. 2. Mr. Dirk Bosteels (AECC)
    3. 3. Mr. P. K. Banerjee (SIAM)
    4. 4. Dr Anjan Ray (IIP)
    5. 5. Mr M K Chaudhary (CIRT)
    6. 6. Dr Manfred Schuckert (Daimler)