About ECMA

About ECMA

Who We Are
ECMA is a non-profit Association made up of the world's leading manufacturers of Emission Control equipment for Automobile and non-road engines in India.

It represents world’s leading manufacturers of Emission Control equipment for Automotive and Non-Road engines in India. Our Association was established in the year 2002 and this is among the first Association of its kind in our country.

Our member companies have been operating worldwide and have rich experience and a proven track record in the development, testing and manufacturing of catalytic converters and catalyst / heat tubes for 2 - Wheelers / Cars / LCV’s / HCV’s manufacturers and Off-Road applications.

Members’ technology is incorporated in the exhaust emission control system on all new cars and an increasing number of light / heavy commercial vehicles, as well as various two wheeler engines like scooters, motorcycles, mopeds etc. and three wheelers in India. ECMA is associated with the Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst (AECC) and Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA) from inception.


What We Do

ECMA interacts and coordinates with the concerned Ministries (Government Agency) and other Stakeholders on the issues of Emission control from on road and off road vehicles.

We represent industry views and suggest Emission Control Technology Solutions accordingly. We maintain a good relationship with our National and International partners.

ECMA delivers its activities through committees namely; Technology and Projects Committee (TPC); Internal and External Communication Committee (IEC), Event Management Committee (EMC), Government Liaisoning Committee (GLC), Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) and Finance Committee (FC).

The major activities on behalf of Members include Projects and its Monitoring, Internal and External Communication, Events, Government Liaisoning and activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We organize On Road and Off Road Conferences to impart knowledge and share experiences.

We update our Members of the development on policy and regulatory issues, changes at Government front and Notifications etc. We work in line with our “Vision” and “Mission”.


“We are Committed Collaboratively to Lead India towards Cleaner Air”.


  • We will work with the Industry, Government, Regulators, Oil Companies and Public at large to be a credible source of knowledge on emission control.
  • We will strive to increase awareness of the need and to provide relevant technical solutions for emission control.
  • We will achieve this through assimilation of technologies for emission control; providing and disseminating knowledge; enabling legislation, implementation and test procedures.

We remain faithful to our pledge and partnership with the people, industry and government to solve some of the most critical problems caused by on road and off road vehicular pollution. We are continuing our forward march, maintaining high professional standards and a strong commitment towards a pollution free world.



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